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Temporary Special Event Requirements

posted on 4/3/23

Marion County Zoning Department

Melissa Poffenbarger, Zoning Administrator

214 East Main St., Suite 2

Knoxville, IA 50138

641-828-2231 option 9



Temporary Special Event Requirements

With warm months coming many pop-up special events are posted and advertised through areas of social media.

Marion County Zoning wants to advise the public there are basic zoning requirements that need to be met when holding large special events, such as motocross races, haunted forest, pumpkin patches, just to name a few but definitely not limited too. If in question please call the Marion County Zoning Office at 641-828-2231 option 9 or email: [email protected].

Along with the application a basic site plan will need to be submitted.

The number one question is why do I need one? The Zoning Ordinance is adopted for the purpose of promoting public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare.

For temporary special event applications, the following departments review the application.

Marion County Zoning

Marion County Sheriff

Marion County Road Department

Marion County Environmental Health

Marion County EMA/E911

Basic requirements needed are off street parking, no on street parking that may cause emergency access/travel concerns, environmental health review to ensure all waste is properly disposed of, impact to county roads will be reviewed, zoning and neighboring properties evaluated to insure ample space and no impact to neighboring properties, emergency response review.

If any department suggests additional review, it may be necessary to apply for a Special Use Permit through the Marion County Board of Adjustment in leu of a Temporary Special Use Permit.

Many campgrounds are popping up all over the county. There is a Special Use Permit requirement in the A-1 Zoning district for campgrounds putting in permanent infrastructure such as water, electric septic for two or more campers to ensure basic requirements are met such as: environmental health waste disposal is adequate, emergency response needs are covered, the property zoning allows for campgrounds, county roads allow for adequate access and safe setbacks from the county road are applied. This process would be presented to the Marion County Board of Adjustments for the SUP and Marion County Zoning and Marion County Board of Supervisors with the site plan.