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Disability Services Assistant

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Job Description

  • Full-Time
  • Posted: October 6, 2021
  • Status: Non-Exempt
  • Salary Range: $15.00 to $17.00
  • Hours: Monday - Friday; 8 am - 4:30 pm

Job Summary

Serves as the Disability Services Assistant for Marion County in the Mental Health and Disability Service Region. “County Rural Offices of Social Services (CROSS)” Mental Health Region, was formed under Iowa Code Chapter 28E in compliance with Iowa Code 331.390. The employee will follow the CROSS Management Plan in compliance with IAC 441-25.  The employee is an employee of Marion County Mental Health Department; the employee of the record is Marion County. Under the general direction of the Coordinator of Disability Services, this position assists clients with mental health, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, brain injuries, the elderly, and other applicants. Reviews and determines initial and continuing financial eligibility for categorical public assistance programs maintain database programs and reports. Performs other duties as required. The following duties are typical for this position.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  Other duties may be required and assigned.

Job Duties

•    Elicits and verifies pertinent eligibility information, such as income, residence, property ownership, rent, household expenses, other financial resources, and physical and/or mental disabilities; assists application in obtaining additional information and in resolving discrepancies.
•    Process initial application for public assistance programs by federal and state laws, and established departmental policies and procedures; research policies and rules to obtain answers to questions of applicant or client eligibility.
•    Maintains statistical documentation and records necessary to satisfy requirements and administration of Regional MH/DS programs.
•    Acquire and maintain expertise in CSN, ETC, and other electronic data systems. Assist the CDS with processing claims, as needed. Enters funding requests, reconciles, and additions and/or changes within the state database program (CSN). Runs reports, maintains excel spreadsheet of referrals, and updates/creates new forms pertinent to programs and/or region needs.
•    Process claims for mental health services; track expenditures and revenues within CSN, submit claims for payment, code claims and checks on behalf of MIBHR and/or Marion County, ensure accuracy of billing and reimbursements, handles State Payment Program (SPP) reports, billing, and reimbursement.
•    Process and complete payroll.
•    (continued) 
•    Identifies potential services and refers to other social service resources within the office or community to assist in meeting long-term client needs.
•    Assures maintenance of office equipment.
•    Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with applicants or recipients of region funding, with co-workers, and others.
•    Maintains the inventory of keys, equipment, supplies, client files, etc.
•    Participates in continuous quality improvement workgroups/teams.
•    Maintains website & social media communications for all internal programs.
•    Provide customer service to the public.
•    Assist in linking citizens to services within and outside of the community.
•    Provides programmatic assistance as requested.
•    Participates in training, exercises, and events as directed.
•    Create and print materials as needed.
•    Provide data input and assist in data management.
•    Maintain appropriate documentation, file paperwork, hard copy, and electronically.
•    Participates in continuous quality improvement workgroups/teams.
•    All other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications

•    AA from an accredited college in administration assistance or related degree preferred
•    Specific knowledge of a body of rules or operations for the particular functional area such as could be acquired in one to three years of prior related experience.
•    Valid Iowa driver license

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Job Description

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