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Preparedness & Response Coordinator, Hospital Preparedness Program

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Job Description

  • Full-Time
  • Posted: September 1, 2021
  • Closes: November 22, 2021 at 1:00 pm
  • Status: Non-Exempt
  • Hours: 8 am - 4:30 pm; Monday - Friday; Some work outside of routine required. If response is required, work may be long hours and intense response work

Job Summary

This is a competitive grant-funded position.  This position works with a preparedness planning team to facilitate the planning, training, exercising operational readiness, financial sustainability, evaluation, and ongoing development of the HCC in the service area, as well as to lead, participate in, or support the response activities of the coalition according to their plans. 

Job Duties

•    Provide leadership to the coalition and along with a clinical advisor, serve as a liaison between the coalition and medical directors/medical leadership at health care facilities, Emergency Managers, and supporting entities.  
•    Point on NIMS Compliance for hospitals and public health agencies in the service area
•    Completes tasks for resource management including  entering/updating/tracking/staging resources in prescribed systems
•    Facilitate the HPP program within the service area, as defined by the ASPR HPP Program and the State of Iowa
•    Write, facilitate, and report regarding HPP grants within Iowa Grants as required by Iowa Department of Public Health
•    Complete reports in required electronic databases by required dates
•    Lead meetings of HPP partners, including hospitals and in conjunction with EMS and PH
•    Facilitate collaboration among all partners, including HPP and PHEP, EMS leadership, Fiscal Agent, Finance, IDPH staff, etc. 
•    Attend required meetings as needed
•    Assure completion of action steps and benchmarks as required in capabilities and objectives by required deadlines.  
•    Develop, implement, report and review HPP coalition plans, exercises, and educational activities to assure clinical accuracy and relevance.
•    Work with Clinical Advisor in support of the clinical advisor role
•    Work with HPP organizations within the coalition as an advocate and resource for clinical staff to encourage their involvement and participation in coalition activities.
•    Assure that the coalition mass casualty/surge plans provide for appropriate distribution and redistribution of trauma patients to avoid overloading single centers whenever possible and work with health care facilities to understand their capabilities and capacity
•    Closely collaborate with internal work peers of the preparedness system, including PHEP Coordinator, Opioid Grant Coordinator/EMS, Fiscal Agent, 
•    Work within the policies and procedures of Marion County Public Health Department and Marion County as the employer of record and contract holder for HPP.

Job Qualifications

  • AA or higher in a health-related field
  • Prefer experience in a hospital environment
  • Must have a valid Iowa driver's license.
  • Must maintain minimum required levels of auto coverage per county policy.
  • Must have a good driving record. No use of cell phone during driving.
  • Must pass a background check.

Job Description

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