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Employee Recognition

posted on 7/15/21

This year the Marion County Board of Supervisors implemented an Employee Recognition program for employees completing years of service in five-year increments.  At the July 13th Board of Supervisors Meeting, the board read the names of those serving for five, ten, and fifteen years.  The employees serving 20 and 25 years were presented a framed certificate from Board of Supervisor Chairman, Mark Raymie, during the meeting.  Group photos followed with all the Board of Supervisors.

Group Celebrating 20 Years at Marion County:

Left to Right: Steve McCombs, Jonathan Johnson, Vickie Chambers, Jay Davis, Ann Kuenstling, Melissa Poffenbarger, Kisha Jahner, Mark Raymie

Group Celebrating 25 Years at Marion County:

Left to Right: Mark Raymie, Steve McCombs, Marla Mertz, Carla Eysink, Kisha Jahner. Not Pictured David McKinney.

Other Groups Celebrating 5, 10, and 15 Years: