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Off-Road or on Water?

posted on 5/9/22


Got the itch to get out on the water…or take in some fresh spring air while off-roading? By taking some simple precautions buyers can prevent some common problems, meet their legal responsibilities and ride those waves or hit that trail sooner! Buyers are required to have the following to transfer an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) or watercraft vessel:

1) Title signed by seller (if applicable)

2) Previous Registration signed by seller (if untitled vehicle/vessel)

3) Bill of Sale

4) Appointment with the Recorders Office is required for transferring ownership

 It is important to ensure that the person selling to you is the owner and has the authority to sell it. If the vehicle/vessel is being sold at auction, through a website or even a garage sale, the proper paperwork is still required. Many times sellers claim their OHV or watercraft does not have a title. Buyers can call their local County Recorder’s office to check on the registration, lien and title history of the vehicle/vessel by providing the VIN/HIN. Once you have the required paperwork, go to to schedule your DNR appointment, or, call us at (641) 828-2211.