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Snow Removal

posted on 11/1/21

Snow Removal

It’s hard to believe it is already November and snow is just around the corner.  This is a good time to remind citizens of our policy regarding snow removal and highlight some important details:

  1. Snow from private drives shall not be placed on the roadway or shoulders. 
  2. It is not the policy of the County to sand and salt roads that are slick, slippery, or dangerous due to the formation of frost, so drivers should use extreme caution when frost could be present.
  3. Drivers are encouraged to reduce speed to the appropriate speed for the conditions of the road.
  4. Motor Graders and Snow Plows will not be in operation after 8:00 PM, not begin before 4:00 AM.  If conditions are too hazardous, snow removal operations may be suspended until the County Engineer deems it safe to resume.  Roads may only have one lane plowed for a period of time.  After all roads have been opened to two-lane travel, snow removal will only be carried out during normal working hours.
  5. The County will not replace mailboxes damaged or knocked down by the force of the snow thrown from the plow. 

To view the complete ordinance, please visit

Marion County Engineer