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VA Campus Update

posted on 5/11/21

VA Campus Update - May 2020

I am happy to announce that the Marion County Board of Supervisors has awarded the contract for demolition of the Knoxville VA Campus to Veit and Company. Veit is located in Rogers, MN, they are a Family owned Specialty Contractor that has an exceptional record of completing projects on time and on budget and employ over 600 people. Mobilization will start immediately and by the first week of June we should start seeing some activity.

As Project Manager of this undertaking I will be regularly posting updates with photos and videos to the Maintenance web page. This project is a great opportunity for Marion County and the City of Knoxville. I truly think it reflects what Government can accomplish in the interest of the Citizens when it choses to look to the future instead of living in the past. Stay tuned, these are exciting times.

-Chris Nesteby, Facilities and Maintenance Director, VA Project Manager