Marion County Environmental Health Department is responsible for permitting and inspection private septic systems in the county.

  Marion County, Iowa - Environmental Health

Mission Statement: To enhance public health in Marion County through the promotion and protection of a healthy environment.

Environmental Health is an education and enforcement branch of the Public Health Department. It is responsible for addressing environmental concerns that affect the overall health and well-being of Marion County residents.

Septic Systems: Marion County has adopted and enforces Chapter 69 of the Iowa Code. Environmental Health is responsible for inspecting and permitting all private septic systems within the County.

Well Water: Environmental Health is responsible for ensuring proper installation and testing of wells and for the plugging of abandoned wells. This department can provide financial assistance for testing and plugging with grant money obtained from the Iowa DNR.

Public Pool and Tattoo Facility: Environmental Health inspects all public pools and tattoo facilities in Marion County to assure compliance of County and State regulations.

Radon: Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. Environmental Health can provide testing kits and information on how to reduce radon levels in the home.

Investigations: Environmental Health responds to and investigates nuisance concerns and complaints that affect the environment and public health.

This includes:
General nuisance complaints
Animal bites
Illegal dumping
Ground water contamination
Hazardous conditions
Natural disasters

Department Head Name:
 Kim Dorn [email protected]

Environmental Health Program Manager:

Bridget Mohler

Phone (641) 828-2238 x251
Cell (641) 820-0122

Environmental Health Field Assistant

Cameron Kleinschmidt

Phone (641) 828-2238 Ext 250
Cell (641) 891-6123

Address of Environmental Health office:
2003 North Lincoln
Knoxville Iowa 50138

Hours Office is open:
Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M - 4:30 P.M.
Usually open during lunch hours but call ahead to verify

Phone Number:
(641) 828-2238 x 251

FAX Number:
(641) 842-3442

Environmental Health Forms:
Downloadable forms
used in the Environmental Health office

Environmental Health Links:

Apply for Septic Permit

South Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency

Iowa Department of Public Health - Bureau of Environmental Health Services

Other Related Links:
Iowa Environmental Health Association (IEHA)

Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA)

Iowa DNR Water Quality


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