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2022 Zoning Ordinance Updates

Periodically Marion County makes updates to the Zoning Ordinance to accommodate changes and allow for organized rural development. The proposed changes to the current ordinance are highlighted in yellow.

The changes include definition changes and update to support the regulations.

Use changes have been made to varying zoning districts to expand necessary utility uses.

Commercial Ag, Commercial and Industrial lots proposed minimum lot size is 1 acre.

An amendment to the foundation definition and requirement is proposed for primary structures.

"Unincorporated Pershing" is proposed to be zoned R-1; Single Family Residential as of January 1, 2023. All current structures and lots will be allowed to remain as allowed uses. All new structures and lots will be required to comply with County Zoning requirements. The proposed change has been deemed necessary to protect the investment made by Marion County and the property owners.

The document containing the proposed changes can be found here: 2022 Proposed Zoning Changes

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