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Civil Division

Our civil process duties include:

  • Original notices and petitions
  • Garnishments
  • Orders
  • Sheriff sales
  • Room and board reimbursements
  • Evictions
  • Protective orders
  • Involuntary commitment of persons with mental illness and/or substance abuse
  • Duties related to condemnation of private property
  • Execution and return of all writs and other legal processes issued by lawful authority

Steps for Obtaining Service of Papers

  • The direction to the Sheriff form must accompany paperwork, directing the sheriff to whom and where to serve the civil paper.
    • Civil papers require a $100 advance deposit fee for service. Additional defendants or cases may require additional fees. If the fees incurred exceed your advance deposit fee, you will be billed for the difference.
  • Along with the letter of direction and a $100 advance fee, the Sheriff’s Office requires two copies of the paperwork to be served.


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